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08 Feb 2017

Angelo White – DATMagazine

DAT is het magazine voor de creatieve ondernemer. Hier lees je interviews, portretten en reportages over opkomend, creatief talent. Daarnaast laten we gevestigde namen binnen de culturele ondernemingssector aan het woord over hun routines, werkethos en visie. Waarom zelf het wiel uitvinden, als je kunt leren van degene die je voorging? READ MORE 

08 Feb 2017

Gianni Zuiverloon – Sorice

Gianni Zuiverloon, born 30 December 1986 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He started his football career at the age of six, when he got tired of other sports such as karate and swimming. His mother, who did not know much about football, called the first team she found in the yellow pages, which was Feyenoord. The club allowed Zuiverloon to join a youth training session, and after having proven himself at this session he was allowed to join the club, where he […]

08 Feb 2017

Sorice – FunX Radio

FunX is a Dutch public radio station which has been on air since 3 August 2002. The station runs mainly urban music. The station is aimed at an audience of young people between 15 and 35 years and is designed specifically to immigrant to reach young people and mainly concentrates on such music styles as Urban, Latin, Reggae, Dancehall, Oriental, Arabpop, Turkpop, Farsipop, Banghra, Rai, French-African hip hop, Mandopop, and various crossover styles. The station aims to give “street” opinions airtime and […]