Proof of Concept Short

When you have a moment watch the brief teaser for Dutch filmmaker Angelo White’s (de Witt) proof of concept Sorice. It is so brief that you will only catch a glimpse of what the short film has in store for us when he releases it to the public in January. You cannot really tell from the teaser but Sorice is a neat blend of horror visuals that caps off with a sci-fi element. We have also included a selection of stills from the production which you may peruse below.

So why are we sharing it with you? Because a production studio in Los Angeles saw Sorice and signed White/de Witt on to their roster and have put him to work. The system works sometimes. White just made a horror short with the same production company called Mother of Childrenwhich is pretty swell. I do not know when we will be able to share that one with everyone yet.


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